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Avatar Legend of Korra Armband Turorial by ScissorWizardCosplay Avatar Legend of Korra Armband Turorial by ScissorWizardCosplay
This tutorial is for :iconwarlikebliss: who requested it. Hope it is useful. If anything is unclear let me know.
Supple list:
Black suede
White chalk
White leather cord
Sturdy thread in white or light blue
Needle with a small head
4 tubes of medium blue colored seed beads
3-4 tubes of white seed beads
1 tube of dark blue seed beads

Dimensions for the pattern (these are the dimensions for my armband, you may have to adjust them sightly to fit your own arm):
*Black Suede (cut 2 pieces) 12 1/4" long by 7" wide. This will leave a 1/2 seam allowance.
*Top part of the bead pattern is 11" long the lower part is 10 3/16". It will be 6 " wide. The dark blue bands that run along the edge fits inside these dimension and are a 1/2" wide each.
*The repeating triangles are 5" tall , 1 13/16" wide at the bottom, and 5 1/16 " along the side. There are 4 whole and 2 half blue triangles. There are 5 white triangles
*The circles are 7/16" wide. The center of the circle is 3/4" from the bottom of the triangle. The top of the circle should be 15/16" from the bottom of the triangle.

Pt. 1: Start by tracing your pattern onto your suede with chalk. It may not be perfect but it's purpose is to give you more of a guide line to follow. Make sure there is a 1/2" seam allowance between the edge of the suede and the star of the pattern. The picture shown above is guide for how many rows you will want to make before repeating the pattern (13 rows).

Pt. 2: I found that the easiest method was to string 8 beads and stitch them down, then double back and go through the last 4 beads before stringing another 8. This seemed to be relatively sturdy while keeping the process moving quickly. Repeat this until you reach the end of your row. Seed beads are uneven and rows may not match up perfectly but that is expected.

Pt. 3: The stringing and sewing will take close to 50 hours to accomplish. When you finally reach the end you may decide if you want the last rows on either end to be one long uninterrupted row of beads or staggered. I chose to stagger mine. All you have to do is repeat the pattern for the blue triangles but leave out l the lower half that would normally be the start of a new white triangle.

Pt. 4: After all the beads are sewn, you will want to attach the lacing. I took one long piece of white leather cord, bending it to create little loops ( I ended up with 11 loops on each side). I then pinned it to the suede. I sewed the loops down as close to the edge of the beads as I could get with my sewing machine. After the loops where attached I sewed the second piece of sued to the back of the armband inside out leaving one side open ( the same way you would sew a pillow case). I hand sewed the opening closed. I found is difficult to sew close to the beads with my machine and ended up hand stitching all of the lining using a blind stitch.

Pt. 5: Once the armband is completed use another long piece of white suede to lace it up. :)

Notes: I found that it is helpful to use the same type of beads. I used three different types that ended up being slightly different sizes and this caused my patten to be off toward the end. Also, keep holding the armband up to your arm and remeasuring it as you go to make sure it is coming out the right size. While suede is not the only fabric you can use I found it worked really well for this project, it doesn't move around on you, or bunch up around the stitching.
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July 17, 2012
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